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We provide the highest quality education and hemp-derived formulations on the market.

Solutions by Dr. Dave

Our signature line is made with a proprietary terpene blend, hand selected by Dr. Dave.

Customer Reviews

My husband and I have both used Solutions by Dr. Dave, and found them to be quite effective. The tinctures are great for helping us sleep and neither my husband or I use our opioid pain relievers any longer for headache or arthritis pain.

Since I started using Solutions by Dr. Dave’s tincture I haven’t had to have an injection for my pain.

My daughter has anxiety which leads to severe panic attacks. Solutions by Dr. Dave’s tincture is easy to use, tasty, and balances her mind so she can enjoy her day.

Since I began using Solutions by Dr. Dave I have noticed a significant difference in my arthritic pain and inflammation. I've tried other brands in the past, but this line has been the most effective CBD line I've tried.