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Common CBD Products to Use

Posted by Annette Crocker on
Common CBD Products to Use

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient derived from the cannabis plant, and is thought to have medicinal properties that can help with many ailments we face today. CBD is believed to have been used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and today scientists are slowly unraveling its potential.


Many studies are being conducted, and so far, the results are positive. CBD is believed to contain properties that help induce sleep, relieve pain and anxiety, have a positive impact on mental health, and more. While more research is required to prove its efficacy conclusively, the initial results are promising, and have led to a surge of interest in CBD products.

If learning and understanding CBD is one side, understanding how to use it is the other. To make this decision a bit easier, many manufacturers have developed different CBD products to give you more choice when determining the form that's most convenient for you.

Let's take a look at some of the common CBD products:

CBD Oils

CBD oils are one of the most common ways to ingest CBD due to their ease of use and how often they have been used in the past.

Most oils require a couple of drops below the tongue, where the capillaries ensure quick absorption. This is highly effective because the CBD bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed directly. The downside to this is that CBD oils ingested orally can have an earthy flavor that may not be palatable to everyone.

CBD Pills

A convenient ingestion method that is becoming more popular, CBD pills overcome the disadvantages of CBD oil as they are swallowed, avoiding any lingering flavors. They are readily available, and many find them preferable to the oil alternative.

The downside to this consumption method is that the body absorbs a smaller amount of CBD 

due to metabolic loss during the digestion process, so ensuring an appropriate dosage is important.

CBD Vape Oil

Consuming CBD through vape oils is becoming a popular option as CBD is mixed with other flavors to make vaping an enjoyable process. It is a potent way of consuming CBD, allowing for a large amount of CBD to be absorbed by the body.

The downside to this method of ingestion is that it requires utilizing a vape pen, which many individuals may not feel comfortable with, and may or may not present a host of other health issues.

CBD Topical Creams

Topical creams and lotions have become a convenient form of consuming CBD. Many people with joint pain who don’t want to ingest CBD opt for a cream or gel for relief, with the touted benefit of cream or gel being the ability to apply it directly to an affected area. The only real downside of topical creams (and any lotions in general) is the need to apply what can sometimes be a scented, oily substance to the skin.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the latest entrants in the world of CBD and are ideal for those who want to ingest CBD, but don't like its smell or flavor. Also, CBD gummies aren’t completely processed by the digestion process, so the ingredients tend to bypass the digestive system.  This makes CBD gummies an excellent way to enhance the absorption rate without the earthy smell or CBD flavor. 

CBD Suppositories

Suppositories are becoming a popular way of ingestion. A suppository is a capsule introduced to the body through the rectum. As the outer layer dissolves, the inner medicines (CBD in this case) are absorbed by the capillaries and sent to different parts of the body. 

Since this doesn't involve chewing or digestion, the rate of absorption is high. Also, there are no inconveniences due to smell or flavor. For these reasons, CBD suppositories are becoming more popular, even if they are a more unconventional way to ingest CBD. 

CBD Dabs

In general, dabs are an extracted dry form of a product that can be ingested by smoking or vaporizing. It is a potent concentrate that often requires extra equipment to use. These dabs can comprise different forms of concentration, such as waxes, crumble, and more. Since these dabs are a concentrate of CBD, they are highly potent. 

CBD Beverages

Some manufacturers have begun to mix CBD with beverages like tea and coffee, which is considered an effective and flavourful way to ingest CBD. Experiments are underway to include CBD in other drinks, which will provide an interesting alternate option for those who want to consume CBD and leverage its touted benefits without ingesting it directly. Of course, the potency of this form of consumption varies between beverages.

Creative Options

The growing CBD market has enthused CBD manufacturers to come up with different ways to promote the consumption of CBD. Some manufacturers have put on their creative caps to create unique and sometimes even out-of-the-box CBD products, such as:

  • CBD toothpicks;
  • CBD beard oil;
  • CBD transdermal patches.

From the above list, it's clear that CBD comes in many forms, and more such ingenious products are in the pipeline in an effort to ease the absorption process for CBD users.

Which is The Best?

Which CBD is best will depend on what is most convenient for you. Some products have a higher absorption rate because they interact directly and immediately with your body, such as CBD oils. CBD oils that you swallow immediately come into contact with the capillaries on your tongue and can increase absorption rate, while CBD gummies are ideal for those who don't like the smell and taste of CBD oil. 

Regardless of your chosen ingestion method, you should ensure that the CBD product you buy comes from a reputable source, has the recommended levels of CBD, and low levels of THC (the component found in cannabis that increases euphoria). With many manufacturers producing CBD products, this choice may not be easy, so take some time to do your research and zero in on the right product that meets your personal preferences.

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