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Eco-Friendly Banana Stalks Pet Bed .


  • Authentic innovative Touch Pet bed baskets are meticulously handmade by skilled female artisans using traditional African techniques, resulting in a beautiful, high-quality product that any pet parent will love. We use only premium natural materials and pay close attention to detail to create a truly exceptional piece.
  • Versatile, Multi-Functional Accessory: Aren’t just a comfortable place for a furry friend to rest - they're stylish for any room
  • The Perfect Gift for New Pet Parents: Need a gift for a new cat mom or dog dad? Look no further! Our thoughtful and practical bed is guaranteed to put a smile on any pet parent's face.
  • Authentic African Touch: Our Artificial Reality (AR) customization technology gives you full control.


  • Measurements are in inches.
  • Size: L*W*H
  • Made in remote regions of Uganda.
  • Our products are made from all-natural materials like banana fibers, raffia, and papyrus.
  • Colors are made from organic dyes like vegetables and fruits.
  • Each basket will have a picture of the artisan who weaved it.
  • All our baskets are handwoven and vary slightly in color and size.
  • Customize colors, size, weaving method, and design.