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CBD Dosing Tracking Journal

Tracking Journal

There are several variables that impact the effects of CBD-rich hemp extracts. Those include overall health, body weight, and natural drug sensitivity. Cannabinoids can also be used as supplements to a healthy, active lifestyle.

• Start with the serving size recommendation. Manufacturers’ products will list suggested serving sizes based on CBD or total hemp extract content. Cannabinoid content will vary from one serving size to the next. Most servings provide between 5mg and 40mg of CBD.

• Increase serving size to find optimal personal results. Each person’s “sweet spot” will vary considerably. Optimal serving sizes range from 5mg to hundreds of mg of CBD daily. It is best to keep track of how much was taken each day and the subjective experience. More is not necessarily better, so having discipline and keeping a log is encouraged. Multiple manufacturers and some non-profits recommend increasing the serving size twice a week, although this frequency is not an industry standard.

• Commit to at least 30 days. It can take weeks of increasing the serving size to find the optimal amount. The body will be absorbing cannabinoids during this time. The number of receptors in the endocannabinoid system can also begin increasing once plant-based cannabinoids are introduced. Instead of expecting profound effects immediately, be prepared to use the CBD-rich products for at least a month.

• Expect optimal serving sizes to vary greatly from person to person. Several non-profits offer guidance on how much CBD should be taken for a variety of reasons. A few are listed on the back of this guide to assist you. Reported starting amounts range from 5mg to 50mg a day. There is currently not enough data to predict precisely how much a person should take.

• Keep a CBD Journal. To track how CBD-rich hemp extracts are affecting health, consumers should keep a log of their daily serving size and their experience. Areas to pay attention to would be joint pain, stress, ability to focus, mood, and restfulness. Keeping record will help people determine which products and how much of each work best. Consistently taking the products and logging the results is key.

Download and print this cannabinoid intake and effectiveness journal to track how CBD-rich hemp extracts are affecting you. Keeping record and consistently taking the products are key to finding your optimal serving size.
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