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Our Terpene Blends

Short and simple, terpenes are an organic compound that grow on the hemp plant. They are tiny compounds that give the plant it's scent and flavor.

For example, your Christmas tree smells like pine because of the terpenes in the tree! The lovely aroma you get walking through a lavender field is because of the terpenes in the lavender flowers!

Terpenes can be extracted from the hemp plant individually, then added back into the CBD formula to give a desired effect, smell, and flavor. These natural terpenes mixed with selected essential oils can enhance the therapeutic effects.

The Terpenes Found in Hemp

  • Bisabolol | Floral

  • Borneol | Mint

  • Camphene | Fir Needles, Musky Earth

  • Caryophyllene | Spicy

  • Delta 3 Carene

  • Eucalyptol | Mint

  • Geraniol | Peach, Rose Grass
  • Humulene | Earthy

  • Limonene | Bitter Citrus

  • Linalool | Floral

  • Myrcene | Citrus, Cloves
  • Pinene | Pine
  • Phytol | Balsamic, Floral

  • Terpinolene | Smoky, Woody

  • Trans-nerolidol | Citrus, Rose

  • Valencene | Sweet Citrus

About Our Proprietary Blend with Added Select Essential Oils

Our proprietary terpene blend is hand selected by Dr. Dave. Our combination has a therapeutic dose of select terpenes.

There are three terpenes in our Proprietary Blend:

  1. Myrcene
  2. Linalool
  3. Limonene 

Other Terpene Blends We Love to Use

The right blend of different terpenes may target specific conditions tailored for individuals, and may effect everyone differently. That's why we suggest trying different varieties until you find your perfect blend. The proprietary blend is a general terpene blend that most people find enjoyable. Because everyone has different needs, we want to make multiple blends.