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Wyld CBD Huckleberry 500 mg / 20 count

Wyld CBD Huckleberry 500 mg / 20 count


These real fruit gummies will taste great as an on-the-go treat. Contained in a screw-on bottle that’s small and compact, it will be easy to take these with you anywhere! Choose between 250mg or 500mg of USA-sourced, broad spectrum hemp extract. There is a light dusting of evenly laid sugar on each gummy- you will end up forgetting these are also vegan and gluten-free! Enjoy one gummy and wait at least two hours to see how you feel before taking more if this is your first time. See how much you like it and continue from there in order to find your ‘sweet spot.’ This product will not get you high, as it contains no THC. Stash these in your bag when you go hiking, or keep them in your glove compartment or at your desk! Wherever they go, you will love the flavor-packed taste of Oregon Huckleberries in every gummy. These will soon be a great addition to your CBD collection. It will also become the most guilt-free way to ingest your favorite CBD product!

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